MA Church Ministry

MACM Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Church Ministry (MACM) is a 36-hour professional degree designed to meet the demands of ministry in the twenty-first century as well as enhance those who are currently members of a Baptist church. The purpose of the program is to enhance the relationship between the student’s understanding of sound theology and the practical application of that theology in the context of local church ministry. Students become active learners as they interact with colleagues and faculty while further developing and implementing biblical principles into daily ministry.

MA Biblical Counseling

MABC Curriculum

MABC with MDiv Completion Curriculum

The Master of Arts Biblical Counselling (MABC) is a 60-hour degree intended for students who will counsel as a primary responsibility of ministry in the local church, chaplaincy, college campus, high school, grade school, counseling ministry or other Christian ministries. This degree is also intended for students who will counsel as a supporting responsibility of ministry in the local church, the home or secular environment.

MA Intercultural Studies

MAIS Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS) is a 60-hour degree designed for students preparing for missionary service. Students achieve a robust understanding of Bible and Christian theology and learn to integrate that understanding with cultural awareness and practical skills that are critical in a cross-cultural ministry setting. They learn to plant and grow a local church on the mission field and to lead, train, and motivate national leadership, lay leadership, and the congregation to reach out to the lost worldwide.

MA Biblical Studies

MABS Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) is a 72-hour degree that prepares students for military chaplaincy and/or ministry in a local church. The Department of Defense requires a 72-hour master’s degree in a theological field or related studies. Students will acquire an understanding of theology and the Bible and will integrate that understanding with practical skills enabling them to minister, teach, and counsel cross-culturally.

Master of Divinity

MDiv Curriculum

MABC with MDiv Completion Curriculum

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a 96-hour degree that prepares men for pastoral ministry. It also prepares men who desire to teach at the Bible college level, continue their education to pursue the Master of Theology (Th.M.), Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and apply for the military or hospital chaplaincy.

Graduate Certificate Intercultural Studies

This program is designed for individuals who:

  • are currently in the BBFI missions application-approval process and recommended to the program by the BBFI Mission office
  • have completed a bachelor’s degree without training specifically related to missions.

The Intercultural Studies Certificate specifically applies to those who have a bachelor’s degree and desire to fulfill requirements for BBFI missions while furthering their education. The Intercultural Studies Certificate program’s purpose is to prepare students to work effectively in intercultural settings and involves successful completion of eighteen (18) credit hours of graduate level Intercultural Studies courses.

All courses are three (3) credit hours and may be completed by Distance Education and/or one-week modules. No more than 50% of the courses may be taken by Distance Education. This blend of courses covers missions from the perspective of Bible, theology, theory, cultural concepts and practical training.

The Intercultural Studies Certificate program emphasizes practical skills to enhance students’ ability to understand and work with people whose worldview is different from their own. The learning schedule is flexible to allow for moderate (2 years) to intense (1 year) study plans. Courses subsequently may apply toward requirements of the Master of Arts Intercultural Studies program at BBC or other graduate programs.