Financial Aid

To be eligible for financial aid one must submit a completed FAFSA application

Students are not eligible for institutional aid until they have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and church verification letters have been received. These must be completed by June 30, 2017.

For forms and further information concerning any of the programs, contact the Director of Financial Aid at (800) 228-5754.


Estimated Undergraduate Aid

Cost Before Aid (listed here) $21,750
BBC Grant (up to 1,000 yearly) -$1,000
Early Deposit Award (based on deposit date)  -$750
Student Leadership Scholarship -$2,000
Average Pell Grant -$4,200
Average Student Loans -$5,500
Estimated Yearly Out-of-Pocket Cost $8,300


Estimated Ministry Family Aid

Cost Before Aid (listed here) $21,750
BBC Grant (up to 1,000 yearly) -$1,000
Early Deposit Award (based on deposit date)  -$750
Pastor & Missionary Family Scholarship -$4,000
Average Pell Grant -$4,200
Average Student Loans -$5,500
Estimated Yearly Out-of-Pocket Cost $7,300


Scholarships & Grants

BBC Grant (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

These funds are given to students based upon the student’s affiliation to a supporting church, the student’s financial need, and the student’s high school GPA. Students who qualify can receive up to $1000 per year for four years.

Student Leadership Scholarship (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

The student awarded must be chosen by their home church pastor on the basis of leadership potential and ministry involvement. The student must attend or be a member of a supporting church that contributes at least $1200 per year to BBC. A church will be eligible to award this scholarship on this basis, One (1) scholarship for every $1200 annually contributed to BBC. Students who qualify receive $2000 per year for four years.

Early Deposit Award (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

This is a one-time award given to students who 1) complete FAFSA and all required enrollment documents and 2) pay their $200 deposit before the following dates:

•  February 28th - $750 scholarship
•  April 28th - $500 scholarship
•  June 30th - $250 scholarship

Pastor and Missionary Family Scholarship (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

This award is to be granted to the child of a BBC supporting church pastor (or full-time staff pastor) or BBFI missionary. A supporting church contributes at least $1200 per year to BBC. A student may not receive more than one Pastor and Missionary Family Scholarship. This award cannot be combined with Pastor Leadership Scholarship. Students who qualify can receive up to $4000 per year for four years.

General Scholarship Rule: 

A student’s combined federal grants, state grants and Baptist Bible College aid are not permitted to go above the combined cost of actual tuition and room and board charges based on the lowest rate charged by the College. Students who are not charged for housing cannot exceed the cost of actual tuition only for federal grants, state grants, and BBC aid. If the combined aid exceeds the total cost of tuition and room and board as specified, BBC aid will be reduced to resolve the excess aid. The Federal Pell Grant is not included as a factor in the General Scholarship Rule for Resident students. 

Federal Aid

PELL Grant Program

All undergraduate students who are working toward a degree are eligible to apply. Student eligibility is based primarily on financial need, which is determined by the US Department of Education. Undergraduate students who qualify can receive up to $5818 per year.

Direct Loan Program

The Direct Loan Program (Stafford) is available for students who first apply for FAFSA. The Direct Stafford loan enables students to borrow directly from the federal government. The loan must be repaid. Undergraduate students who qualify can receive up to $5500 per year.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Regulations were issued by the U.S. Department of Education regarding standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP). These regulations are now in effect for the Federal Stafford Loan Program as well as the PELL Grant Program. Satisfactory Progress (as defined by law) is a combination of hours attempted, hours completed, and cumulative grade point average. Baptist Bible College must not distribute money to students who do not comply with the following requirements:

Semesters Completed




Attempted Hours

12 Hours or More (full time)
9 to 11 Hours (3/4 time)
6 to 8 Hours (1/2 time)
1 to 5 Hours (Less than 1/2 time)

Cumulative GPA Required




You Must Complete

67% of Hours Per Term
67% of Hours Per Term
67% of Hours Per Term
67% of Hours Per Term

If a student does not meet required GPA standards, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for the following semester. At the end of the warning semester, the progress will again be evaluated. If satisfactory progress has not been met, the student will lose Federal Student Aid (FSA) eligibility. If the student successfully appeals a loss of eligibility, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation. At the end of the probationary semester, if satisfactory progress has NOT been met, ALL financial aid will be suspended until satisfactory progress is again established. Any part of a semester (fall, spring, or summer) is counted towards total semesters earned with regard to financial aid

Patriot Success Seminar In order to support students of BBC, the College has implemented a support program, known as Patriot Success Seminar. The goal is to assist students so that they are successful, persist, graduate and find a job/ministry. The goal is not to add pressure or stress to students’ work load while taking the Seminar. Rather, the Seminar is designed to facilitate work they are completing in other courses during the semester in which they are enrolled in the Seminar.

The Seminar supports two groups of students. The Seminar supports first time freshmen. Using ACT scores and data from the College Student Inventory (CSI) faculty leaders select students to enroll in the Seminar. This provides proactive support for incoming students. The Seminar supports students who enter Financial-aid (FA) Warning. Students who are placed on FA Warning at the end of a semester are required to enroll in Patriot Success the following semester. The course will automatically be added to the schedule.

Students will be charged a $200 fee for the Seminar. Students taking the Seminar receive a grade of pass/fail. There may be circumstances in which they may be required to take no more than twelve (12) credit hours. The goal is for them to make satisfactory academic progress.

  • Withdrawal Students withdrawing (officially or unofficially) may be eligible for only a partial grant or loan.
  • Appeal In some cases, a student’s failure to be in compliance with one or more areas of SAP is due to events beyond the student’s control. If such “mitigating circumstances” can be documented for the specific term(s) when the deficiencies occurred, the student may submit a completed SAP Appeal along with all required documentation.

If you have any questions, please stop by the Financial Aid office.
Brian Rains, Financial Aid Director

Veterans Administration Benefits The Institution, an approved institution of higher learning by the State of Missouri, is eligible to train veterans and their dependents. You may contact the VA Assistant’s office at (800) 228-5754 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information and VA forms. Different types of G. I. Bill benefits are briefly outlined below:

  • Chapter 30 This portion applies to persons entering military services after 30 June 1985 or those eligible under the old G. I. Bill (Chapter 34 noncontributory).
  • Chapter 31 This portion deals with vocational rehabilitation for disabled veterans.
  • Chapter 32 This portion deals with the contributory educational assistance program, commonly referred to as “VEAP.” This program applies to veterans with qualifying service between 1 January 1977 and 30 June 1985.
  • Chapter 33 This portion deals with Post-9/11 Educational Assistance.
  • Chapter 35 This portion authorizes educational assistance to dependents and survivors of certain veterans who have serious disabilities as a result of their service, or who have died of a service-connected cause.
  • Chapter 1606 Reserve Program: VA educational assistance is approved for selected reserve personnel who enlist, extend, or re-enlist for a total of at least six years after 1 July 1985. It also includes the National Guard.
  • Chapter 1607 A member of reserve component who serves on active duty on or after September 11, 2001 under title 10 U.S. Code for contingency operation, and serves at least 90 consecutive days or more, is eligible for chapter 1607.

Graduate Assistant Program

The Graduate School has a limited number of graduate assistant positions available. For information contact the Dean of the Graduate School at (417) 268-6054 or email at


Financial Aid Code of Conduct


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