Tuition & Fees

BBC Life Change U is one of the most affordable, accredited private Christian education institutions in the United States. This information will help you determine the costs associated with attending BBC and the financial aid that is available to each student. For your convenience, we also have payment plans available. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Financial Aid, Brian Rains, at or call the Financial Aid office at 417-268-6045. 

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition (Block rate for 12-18 credit hours, two semesters)$13,200
Student Fee ($325 enrollment fee each semester) $650
Room & Board (includes Christmas Break) $7,500
Books (estimated yearly cost) $400
Estimated Yearly Cost $21,750


Seminary Tuition & Fees

Tuition (9 hours at $450, two semesters)$8,100
Student Fee ($200 enrollment fee each semester) $400
Books (estimated yearly cost) $600
Estimated Yearly Cost $9,100

*All prices are effective Fall 2017


Undergraduate Tuition

  • $6,600 Block rate for 12-18 credit hours, two semesters
  • $550 Part-time credit hour rate
  • $440 After block (18+) credit hour rate

Seminary Tuition

  • $450.00 (Per Credit Hour)

Pastors Appreciation Pricing

  • Pastor or staff member's church must support the school for $100 monthly in order to receive (1) class per semester for $400 ( pastor/staff member pays only $400 for their first class tuition regardless of credit hours).  Pastor/staff member is still responsible for paying all fees.

Housing Pricing

Campus Dorms

  • Room and Board - $3,750/semester
  • Summer Room - $40/week, $8/day


  • Student Honor Dorm Apartment (includes board) - $3,750/semester
  • Summer Honor Dorm Housing - $75/week
  • BBC Employee Honor Dorm Summer Housing - $50/week
  • Summer Student Housing - $60/week or $12/day
  • Studio Apartment - $415/month
  • One Bedroom Apartment - $455/month
  • Apartment Deposit - $200
    • $100 Refundable
    • $100 Non-refundable

Education Major Fees

  • Instructional Methods Course Fee - $30 per course for supplies
  • Resource Room Fee - $3 per student per class
  • Internship/Clinical Experience Fee - $20 per credit hour for student teaching and practicums

Miscellaneous Fees

  • ACT Testing - $32.00 / or current charge from ACT
  • Audit Fee (student receives no credit) per course hour -$45.00
  • Change of Major (per change) - $30.00
  • Diploma replacement fee - $50.00
  • ID replacement - $25.00
  • Guitar Lessons (1 hour weekly) - $195.00
  • Guitar Lessons (2 hour weekly) - $390.00
  • Mail Key Replacement - $5.00
  • Piano lab - $90.00
  • Private music lessons (1 hour weekly) - $120.00
  • Private music lessons (2 hours weekly) - $180.00
  • Transcript fee - $10.00
  • Vehicle Registration
    • Vehicle (year) - $50.00
    • Bike (year) - $10.00


Textbooks may be purchased online through the Follett Virtual Bookstore. Only students with available aid remaining after tuition, fees and room & board are paid may apply charges to their account. Items unrelated to the classroom may be purchased in the BBC Bookstore using cash, check, money order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).

Don't forget to check out our Financial Aid Page.

To be eligible for financial aid one must submit a completed FAFSA application

Account Payment Information

All charges for fees, tuition, room and board are due in full at the beginning of each semester at the time of registration. Students unable to pay the full amount at the time of registration must make satisfactory arrangements for payment with the Director of Student Finance. Any student whose account becomes delinquent must make special arrangements with the Director of Student Finance in order to remain in school. Students may pay these charges with Master Card, Visa, or Discover.

A student receiving Veteran benefits who experiences a delay in his first benefit check (fall semester only) must make financial arrangements with the Director of Student Finance regarding payment of his account.

WIthdrawal Refund Policy

Title IV Return Policy


Apartment Information

Apartment rent is due on the first day of each month. If checks are returned by the bank unpaid, there will be a $30.00 charge, regardless of the amount of the check. If as many as three checks are returned by the bank unpaid, the college will accept no more personal checks from the student or patron; such students will be referred to the Dean of Students' Office.

All items are subject to change. Payment plans are available.

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