Transfer Student Information

Baptist Bible College is committed to access, quality, and efficiency which enable enrolled students to complete their programs. That value is reflected in the College’s transfer of credit policy. The basis for this commitment is the recognition of distinctive institutional missions and admission standards. This underscores the importance of a transfer policy that facilitates the completion of the student’s education in the shortest time possible.

In order to prevent any unnecessary course duplication, the College attempts to transfer as many credits as possible for each student including credits earned in various military programs. The College does not transfer grades or GPA from previous institutions. Transfer credits will show on transcripts with a grade of TR and list the number of credit hours earned. The College makes no promises concerning transfer of credit until the Office of Registrar conducts an evaluation and communicates the results to the student. Students may schedule a review of their transfer credits by contacting the Enrollment Services.

All applicants must meet all of the application requirements which include the receipt of official transcripts from all post‐secondary institutions. Baptist Bible College follows the general transfer guidelines as found in the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) publication Transfer Credit Practices of Designated Educational Institutions.

Basic guidelines of Baptist Bible College for transferring credits are as follows:

The post‐secondary institution must be regionally or nationally accredited; Transfer courses must be similar in content taught at BBC;

Course credit value must be of equal or greater value to the course taught at BBC; Minimum transcript grade of C for course credit;

Course must be required in major or minor;

International Students must meet the guidelines found in The International Academic Credentials Handbook.

Students from non‐accredited institutions may file a written appeal to the Academic Committee requesting consideration for their transfer credit. The student will need to supply the College with the following documentation prior to the meeting of the Committee:

Course syllabus including credit hours, course description and assignments;

Credentials for the professor.

The student is encouraged to contact the Office of the Registrar if there are questions or concerns. Students may appeal a decision if they follow the guidelines published in the Student Handbook. (See Appeals concerning Actions Taken with Reference To Academics.)


Scholarships & Grants

BBC Grant (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

These funds are given to students based upon the student’s affiliation to a supporting church, the student’s financial need, and the student’s high school GPA. Students who qualify can receive up to $1000 per year for four years.

Student Leadership Scholarship (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

The student awarded must be chosen by their home church pastor on the basis of leadership potential and ministry involvement. The student must attend or be a member of a supporting church that contributes at least $1200 per year to BBC. A church will be eligible to award this scholarship on this basis, One (1) scholarship for every $1200 annually contributed to BBC. Students who qualify receive $2000 per year for four years.

Early Deposit Award (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

This is a one-time award given to students who 1) complete FAFSA and all required enrollment documents and 2) pay their $200 deposit before the following dates:

  •  February 28th – $750 scholarship
  •  April 28th – $500 scholarship
  •  June 30th – $250 scholarship

Pastor and Missionary Family Scholarship (First-time undergraduate students to BBC)

This award is to be granted to the child of a BBC supporting church pastor (or full-time staff pastor) or BBFI missionary. A supporting church contributes at least $1200 per year to BBC. A student may not receive more than one Pastor and Missionary Family Scholarship. This award cannot be combined with Pastor Leadership Scholarship. Students who qualify can receive up to $4000 per year for four years.

General Scholarship Rule:

A student’s combined federal grants, state grants and Baptist Bible College aid are not permitted to go above the combined cost of actual tuition and room and board charges based on the lowest rate charged by the College. Students who are not charged for housing cannot exceed the cost of actual tuition only for federal grants, state grants, and BBC aid. If the combined aid exceeds the total cost of tuition and room and board as specified, BBC aid will be reduced to resolve the excess aid. The Federal Pell Grant is not included as a factor in the General Scholarship Rule for Resident students.

Rev. Aug 4. 2015