Special Circumstance Guidelines

BBC Financial Aid Office has permission from the federal government to consider different life circumstances that occur after the competition of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).   

Here are the steps to follow to apply for a special circumstance

  1. State your circumstance in detail and as clearly as possible. Submit supporting documentation to verify your situation. Acceptable documentation includes statements from employers to verify job change and year to date earnings as well as projected earnings, death certificates, legal separation/divorce papers, letters from clergy, counselors or other third party documentation.
  2. All students requesting Special Circumstance consideration will automatically be selected for verification. Independent students will be required to submit a copy of their 2016 IRS Tax Return Transcript and W-2’s (and their spouses, if married). Dependent students will need to submit a copy of their 2016 IRS Tax Return Transcript and W-2’s as well as the same documents for their parents. A Verification Form is also required. This form is available from our website.  
  3. If applying due to loss of earnings you must provide documentation to verify all income earned or received since January 1, 2016. You will need to supply statements from employers (previous & current) listing employment history information that includes the following beginning and ending dates of employment. You must also document the year to date earnings for 2016, rate of pay, and number of hours worked per week.  
  4. If applying due to Medical Expenses you must submit Schedule A (2016) or itemized Medical Statements with amounts paid exclusive of insurance payments.

The Office of Student Financial Services does not consider the following to be unusual cases:  

  • Not being claimed as a dependent on your parent’s current year tax return
  • Not residing at the parental residence  
  • Parent’s unwillingness to complete parental sections of the FAFSA.

The desire for grants instead of loans If you feel your unusual case warrants consideration, please provide our office with the following items:

  1. A FAFSA
    2. A 2017-2018 Independent Verification Form (available at www.gobbc.edu)
    3. A 2017-2018 Student Resource Statement (available at www.gobbc.edu)
    4. A copy of your 2015 IRS Tax Return Transcript (available from the IRS) and 2015 W-2’s
    5. A current lease agreement/rental contract
    6. A thorough written explanation of your case from you, along with documentation from at least three outside sources, one of which must be from a professional such as a clergy member, school official, or counselor.

After we have received your Dependency Override Request Form along with supporting documents, it will be reviewed and a decision rendered. You will be notified within three weeks by mail whether or not your request was granted. FAILURE TO PROVIDE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS COULD DELAY PROCESSING OR RESULT IN YOUR REQUEST BEING REJECTED.