Payment Plan for Student Accounts

All charges for fees, tuition, room and board are due in full at the beginning of each semester at the time of registration. Students unable to pay the full amount at the time of registration must make satisfactory arrangements for payment with the Student Accounts Office. Any student whose account becomes delinquent must make special arrangements with the Director of Student Accounts in order to remain in school. Students may pay these charges with Master Card, Visa, or Discover.

Payment Plans

Convenience Fee (EFT/Credit Card Payment Plans):$60 per semester

Insufficient Funds Fee:$25 per incident

Discounts for Balances Paid in Full: 3% for a check or cash transaction and  2% discount for a credit card transaction.

  • Fall Discount Deadline is September 1, 2017
  • Spring Discount Deadline is January 26, 2018     


**Please note the following policies:

Students who pre-register for the Fall 2017, will be able to take advantage of being placed on a 12 month payment plan cycle. Payments would begin July 15, 2017. Students who do not pre-register will be placed on a 10 month payment cycle, making their payments larger.

All charges (tuition, fees, room & board) will be due on September 1, 2017 for the Fall Semester and January 26, 2018 for the Spring Semester.

  • Any student account that has any remaining balance over $300 that cannot be paid by the dates above, must be placed on a payment plan.
  • Any withdrawal or dismissal after September 1, 2017 for the Fall semester and January 26, 2018 for the Spring Semester will result in all charges (including Room & Board) being assessed to the student account
  • All payment plans will have to be paid by EFT or Credit Card (through Populi).  All payments will be due on the 15th of each month for the duration of the payment plan.  There will be a $60 payment plan fee assessed for each semester a payment plan is needed. Any payment that is returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25 service fee.

**A student receiving Veteran’s benefits who experiences a delay in his first benefit check (fall semester only) must make financial arrangements with the Director of Student Finance regarding payment of his account.

Tuition/Title IV Refund and Repayment Policies

Tuition refunds are given according to the schedule below:

  • The percentage of total tuition retained by the school after a student withdraws from school is based on the number of class days completed in an academic semester.


Withdrawal by:

  • First day of official seated classes through the second Friday after the first official day of seated classes (Census date) of each semester the student will receive a 100% refund.
  • After the Census date (second Friday of each semester), no refund will be issued.
  • The same schedule will apply for all students whether their status is full time (12 or more hours) or part time (less than 12 hours).  The refund on tuition charges for veterans will be computed per class day attended as prescribed by accepted V.A. regulations.  Refunds for students who are recipients of the Pell Grant will be computed according to the Return of Title IV Funds policy procedures
  • The refund for room and board charges are prorated based on the “move in” to “move out” dates, prior to the census date. No refunds will be issued after the census date.
  • There is a 20-day waiting period after the last payment by check before a refund will be made. There is no refund on any special fees or special course fees.
  • Tuition refunds for students who received financial aid will be made in accordance with Federal Regulations as stated in Current Title IV Regulations and outlined in the Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook and applied in the following order:
    • Federal Stafford Un-subsidized Loan
    • Federal Stafford Subsidized Loan
    • Federal Stafford PLUS Loan
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Institutional Scholarships
  • Federal loan refunds will be prorated for all borrowers completing less than 60% of the semester.
  • Refunds to students are made only after all aid sources are refunded in full.