Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Governing Relationships Between Baptist Bible College and Student Loan Lending Institutions

The primary goal of Baptist Bible College’s financial aid professionals is to help students achieve their educational potential by providing adequate financial resources. It is our goal to ensure each student receives the maximum allowable amount of federal, institutional and other organizational aid, as needed.

  • 1)  Baptist Bible College may not accept on its own behalf anything of value from any Lending Institution in exchange for any advantage or consideration provided to the Lending Institution related to its education loan activity (e.g. revenue sharing, printing costs or services).
  • 2)  Baptist Bible College shall require that no officer, Board member, director, employee or agent of the College accepts anything of more than nominal value on his or her own behalf (or on behalf of another) from a Lending Institution (other than a governmental entity such as the U.S. Department of Education).
  • 3)  Baptist Bible College shall prohibit any officer, Board member, employee, or agent of the College from receiving any remuneration for serving as a member or participant of an advisory board of a Lending Institution, or receiving any reimbursement of expenses for so serving (other than reasonable expenses associated with that service that may be reimbursed by the lender or guarantor as stated by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008).
  • 4)  No employee or other agent of a Lending Institution may staff any office of the Financial Aid Department at any time. Baptist Bible College will ensure that no employee or other agent of a Lending Institution is ever identified to students of the College as an employee or agent of the College.
  • 5)  Students of Baptist Bible College may use a lender of their choice according to their rights as a borrower. No lender will be assigned to a borrower, nor will Baptist Bible College refuse to certify a loan for a borrower’s choice of lender or guarantor.
  • 6)  The Financial Aid Office will inform students of the option to borrow Title IV funds prior to recommending a private education loan. Baptist Bible College will not accept private loans conditioned on the use of a lender’s Title IV loans.
  • 7)  The Financial Aid Office of Baptist Bible College strives to maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct while executing financial aid responsibilities. Every effort is made to abide by the laws and regulations set forth by the Department of Education.