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Baptist Bible College is an institution of biblical higher education that exists to provide a Christ-centered curriculum that fosters a biblical worldview, empowering students to engage and impact their global society.

Beliefs and Values

Biblical Wisdom

Biblical Wisdom is the perspective that observes and evaluates life as according to God’s Word, and consequently, defines how one should live.

The curriculum will equip students to:

  1. Develop a reverential submission to the Lord that is the essence of learning.
  2. Develop a disposition for life-long spiritual growth.
  3. Demonstrate biblical self-discipline and decision-making to life.
  4. Utilize the Bible to distinguish between truth and error.
  5. Formulate biblical solutions to problems, dilemmas, and enigmas.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is the life-long pursuit and acquisition of knowledge and skills to produce personal, professional, and cross-cultural competencies.

The curriculum will equip students to:

  1. Develop a disposition for life-long learning.
  2. Investigate the diversities and complexities of the past and present culture and social world to effectively serve God.
  3. Utilize systematic principles and abilities to make informed decisions and solve problems.
  4. Develop logical arguments and draw reasoned conclusions.
  5. Analyze information and life situations within a biblical worldview.
  6. Communicate accurately in a Christ-like manner with clarity, coherence and persuasiveness.

Global Relevance

Global Relevance is the intentional and creative use of competencies to serve one another and society through the local Baptist church.

The curriculum will equip students to:

  1. Apply the knowledge and skills of servant-leadership in a local church.
  2. Engage others in a biblical model of discipleship.
  3. Analyze complex societies in order to engage diverse people groups.
  4. Design and adapt appropriate strategies to evangelize and disciple the lost in varied contexts.