2 BBC Alumni Honored for Teaching Excellence

The Missouri Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (MACTE) recognizes Courtney Lyons and Emily Rhoades as two of the state’s Outstanding Beginning Teachers.  Courtney is a 2014 graduate of Baptist Bible College and is currently teaching fourth grade at Robinson Elementary in the Aurora Public School District, David Mais, Principal. Emily is a 2013 graduate of Baptist Bible College and is currently teaching second grade at Whitson Elementary School in the Topeka School District, Jessica Figueroa, Principal.At the March 6th spring conference of MACTE, a total of 61 outstanding teachers were recognized for their excellence in serving children during their first two years of service in school districts across Missouri. 36 of Missouri’s private and public institutions of higher education, offering state and nationally recognized programs, honored these professionals who completed education programs at their respective institutions.  Award recipients were selected based on evaluations of outstanding graduates completed by their college or university, and recommendations from the school district which deemed the teacher as highly effective in their first two years in the classroom.Present at the awards ceremony was Dr. Shawn Young, MACTE President along with several other members of the MACTE board as well as Dr. Gale (Hap) Hairston, Director of Educator Preparation at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Each recipient was awarded an engraved plaque to display in their classroom.  MACTE recognizes the contribution of this fine teacher, as well as all of our excellent, highly qualified teachers throughout Missouri’s who serve and educate our students.

Courtney is the daughter of John and Jacquetta Davidson of Springfield, MO.  She graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2008.  Courtney resides in Aurora, MO with her husband, Noah.  They attend Aurora Baptist Temple where Noah serves on the church staff as the Minister of Music.

Emily is the daughter of Jeff and Paula Rhoades of Topeka, KS where they reside. Emily lived abroad with her parents in El Salvador for 10 years.  She attends Topeka Baptist Church where her father Jeff serves as the Outreach Pastor.